Sell to us

If you live in southern Ontario, we're looking to buy your vintage and antique items, clothing, etc. We work by appointment only for buying, so please send us an email.

We want to discourage people from dropping by with items to sell. We are more than willing to come to you. If you live outside the Hamilton/GTA area, please send photos of the items you have, and we will determine whether or not it's something we're interested in.

We love rummaging through basements, barns, attics, etc... getting dirty is not a problem!

Please refer to the list below to get an idea of what we're looking for. It saves us both time.


Mid-century modern items:

  • Glassware, barware, bar carts
  • Furniture: chairs, tables, side tables, credenzas, living room furniture (wood, formica/arborite/melmac, Scandinavian design or inspired etc.)
  • Wall hangings (brutalist, starburst, Witco, paint by numbers, velvet, etc.)
  • Lamps: standing/ceiling/tabletop (Sputnik, fibreglass shades/multi-tiered)
  • Jewelry (plastic, costume, metal)
  • Ceramics (West German, fat lava, Canadian pottery (Blue Mountain Pottery/CCC...), etc.
  • Kitchen ware (Pyrex, enamel ware, small appliances, picnic sets, etc.)
  • Clocks (starburst, etc.)

 Clothing & accessories (1880s-1980s):

  • Jackets (denim, leather, chore, military, corduroy, canvas)
  • Workwear & uniforms (overalls, coveralls, denim, canvas, caps, shop coats)
  • Dresses & skirts (1920s-70s)
  • Denim (pants, overalls, jackets, vests, etc.)
  • Hats (fedoras, ball caps, military, cowboy, pillbox, etc.)
  • Footwear (military, work boots, bowling, heeled, cowboy, etc.)
  • Shirts, blouses, sweaters, vests, suits, etc.
  • Glasses & sunglasses

Bags (early century, WWII, canvas, leather, duffel, rucksack, newspaper, vinyl, carpet, etc.)

Suitcases, trunks, travel cases (leather, hard vinyl, plastic, wood, metal, foot locker, etc.)

Blankets (wool, hand stitched quilts, antique, woven)

Signs (hand painted, wood, metal, porcelain, etc.)

Knick-knacks/gee gaws/figurines (wooden, chalk ware, ceramic, novelties, Japanese, Scandinavian, 40s-70s, etc.)

Ephemera (photos, comics, cards/postcards, stationary, pulp novels, pre-1970 magazines ads, magazines, and nudie magazines, etc.)

Cameras (analogue), photography equipment

Toys/plush (rubber faced, wooden, tin, specifically 50s-70s)

Misc. garage items (pre-1970s car stuff, cans, signage, calendars, tools, etc.)

Misc. items: Rag rugs, hooked rugs, grain/feed sacks, tapestry, embroidery, school/architectural/office supplies, etc.